Christmas isn’t there yet, but like every year, and I think I can speak for everbody, there are some gifts you will recieve extra early. A tradition made for children who actually can’t wait to open their presents…

From my dearest Parisienne Carolien I got the cutest briefs (underpants) picked out of the ‘Magic’-collection from Princess Tam Tam. She just wants to be sure that I will be from tip to toe in festive mood on the actual Christmas day. For that same reason, she bought the same one for her #twinningiswinning.

At our cozy Christmas party at work, our patron Erik surprised us all with a beautiful Komono watch, in a pastel cinnamon colour, with some golden details. Too gorgeous to be true! For the boys, he picked out a more masculine colour, luckily for them.

Last, but definitely not least, mon amour Tim got me a yoga mat. Quickly a note from me to him: Is there something you need to tell me 😉 ? Anyway, the fact that it has a terrazo pink pattern on it, encourages me already a bit more to go to gym with it, and of course, to pick up again my yoga lessons.

Oh, did I forgot to mention he also gave me a pizza cutter? So contradicting…

All the pieces are available online! Link mentionned under each picture. 

f1b9ba5a-ddff-4f11-bc49-4111089e1dab-1PRINCESS TAM TAM – Hipster briefs Nova black – Magic

KOMONO – The Harlow Pastel Cinnamon

DYYOGAMTP_still_1.jpgDOIY – Terrazo Yoga Doiy

DOIY – The Fixie Pizza Cutter Tropical

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