Let’s have brunch!

Today I’m going to talk (in a writing kind of way) about 3 of my favorite brunch spots in Paris.

Let’s start with Season, the one who serves pancakes topped with crispy bacon (thank you so much for this golden combo). Ofcourse brunching is all about taking several dishes and I must say that they make a great combination with the avocado toast. I’m drooling already and I didn’t even mentionned their fabulous burritos…

Anyway, brunchlife (in this case lunchlife) goes on. The second on my list, Huguette, is for people who want to start their sunday in style, with some fresh oysters. Not that into oysters? Try their pasta vongole or their fritto misto (or something else, cuz honestly, everything is delicious) and never, ever leave without having tried their amazing churros. Btw: try to sit outside, great atmosphere!

Last but not least, Abattoir Végétal, for a vegan brunch like no others. I must warn you, go with an empty stomach! It’s a brunch with literally no ending. Each dish is a bomb of flavors, created with 100% organic ingredients (a big plus). Not only is the food delicious, their juices are to die for! My favorite? Le ‘Force’.

Bon appetit!

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