When my best friend Stefanie came to visit me in Paris, we had so much fun on such a short notice, and with short I mean friday evening till saturday morning. When I write it down like this, I can’t believe how casual this visit actually was, funny.

Anyway, because I work on friday and she was a little bit too early, I made an appointment for her with Murielle, my hairdresser/colorist, who works at Profession Coiffeur. It was Stefanie’s first time she was going to do something ‘crazy’ with her hair color, and I must say, best decision ever! Murielle made Stefanie’s hair look like she came back from a long vacation in the sun, just stunning! After that, she came by our shop and decided to let us work a little bit. Result? She ended up buying new glasses from Nathalie Blanc, second great decision of the day. Curious about the ones she bought? Click here.

For dinner, we went to Pink Mamma, because what is better than eating Pizza and drinking cocktails with your favorite girl? Hint from Stefanie to all of you; don’t take the Bloody Mary if you don’t like it too spicy… Luckily for me, I got to drink hers (saving angel, don’t you think?). Eventually, we ended up drinking Aperol Spritz (not spicy at all) in the appartment of Carolien. Oh, and don’t forget the candy eating part…

Btw, did you know this was the first time since Christmas we saw each other? Facetime  of course not included (can you imagine?). It’s crazy how after two minutes, it already felt like I just saw her yersterday.

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