I just had the most wonderful weekend. After months not seeing my best friend, she decided (quite randomly) to book herself a 24 hour getaway to Paris.

She arrived on Sunday around 13 o’clock, right on time for a lunch at Le Jeanne B, a restaurant located in Montmartre. It was my first time going there and I must say, definitely not my last! We both took the gazpacho soup as a starter (with of course some amazing French bread on the side) and ended with the vegetable pie made with different kinds of carrots (great minds think alike).

After lunch, what better to digest over some money spending? Stefanie found a beautiful pair of earrings at Telle Mère Telle fille; cute little golden hoops. I on the other hand, have bought something less attracive: Pu Erh tea…

We ended the day in one of my favorite restaurants in Paris, Huguette in Saint Germain, where we shared the fritto misto, the dim sums and of course, the pasta vongole. Delicious!

After a good night sleep, the only thing we needed to get us going again was a freshly baked croissant from Le Grenier à Pain, the best bakery in Abbesses. We ended the weekend with a nice walk trough Montmartre. Because walking can be exhausting and we needed something fresh, we skipped lunch and went straight for the icecream.

Oh, and I didn’t mentioned yet that I slept next to Stefanie, in our couch, just to make it feel like a real sleepover (for old times’ sake).

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